2019 Launch Schedule

March 23
May 4
June 22
July 27
Aug 24
Sept 28
Oct 26
Nove 23

If your rocket will  exceed 25,000 AGL send a feedback (link on homepage) 

Launches are weather dependent please check the home page prior to attending a launch. A green light means the launch is going as planned, yellow -weather conditions may delay or inhibit launching, red - launch cancelled.

All POTROCS launches will be conducted under the Tripoli Research Safety Code. All Tripoli Rocketry Association adult members may launch rockets to their certification level (Level 0 through Level 3) on all days. To launch research you must be a member of TRA and certified Level 2 or 3.

Youth flyers may participate every scheduled launch day within the designated Model Rocket area under the direction of a TRA member . Non-member adult sponsors (NAR) and/or leaders may participate within the Model Rocket area as "named insured" participants. "Named Insured" participants must present a current NAR membership card prior to launching.

Youth flyers under 18 years of age and adult "named insured" must stay within the Model Rocket area or the spectator area during all high-power activity. Youths and "named insured" are not are allowed in the high-power pad area while high-power rockets are present. The Launch Director or Launch Control Officer will announce when the high-power area is safe and model rockets may be retrieved.

If you have questions or to contact POTROCS Prefect submit a feedback. Your questions will normally be answered the same day.

Club Officers
Prefect Bill Balash
Vice Presidet Harry Keyes
Secretary Barre' Wheatley