POTROCS launches are a lot of fun for rocketeers and families. The launches are very exciting and it's a break from the day to day schedule. We welcome experienced rocketeers, beginners and interested spectators.

Our Fun fly launches begin early in the morning on Saturdays and around 1:00pm on Sundays. We typically launch until late in the day, unfortunately this varies so it's difficult to give a standard time for our last launch. All of our launches depend upon weather, road and launch site conditions. The road to our launch site is paved up to the ranch land we use. The total distance traveled from the paved road to our site is about 1/4 mile. A heavy rain a day or 2 before a launch can affect our ability to reach the site. Other variables that affect us are high winds, heavy fog and snow. If the forecast calls for these conditions early in the morning then we may be able to launch later in the day if conditions are expected to improve, likewise, if conditions worsen during a launch we may leave the site early. These same rules also apply to our major launches. Fridays during major launches also begin early in the morning. It's a good reason to take a day of vacation but certainly don't call in sick!!! hmm

We do have a few rules for visitors which will make attending a rocket launch enjoyable and safe.

All trash is to be deposited in a trash can or in your vehicle no matter how small. Remain behind the flight line.During major events this may be marked but at fun fly's it's unmarked. Should you move past the line you will be asked to return behind the flight line, this is for your safety. Each flight is announced with a 10 second count down. If you hear the count down start, stop what you are doing and watch the launch so you will be aware of the path of the rocket. Please feel free to ask questions of the folks who are involved. We are more than willing to answer any questions you may have about rocketry. If you notice a rocketeer is busy preparing his rocket for flight please be courteous and wait until they are finished with their task before asking questions or ask someone who is not busy. Parents should know where their children are at all times. Never attempt to catch a rocket descending under parachute. Never go near a rocket caught in power lines. Never pickup a rocket unless the owner gives you permission.

This is a family event so be courteous and respectful of everyone who is present. Following these simple rules will ensure a fun time for everyone.

If you have any questions submit a feedback. Your
questions will normally be answered the same day.